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For hundreds of years, the Pueblo Indians built pocket villages with multi-storied structures, traded with the Great Plains Indians and Spanish traders in northern New Mexico, including the Galisteo Basin.

Ancient people revered the land and today we continue to nurture the ancient people's ways by teaching tribal lessons and have a deep understanding and respect for the many Native American cultures. The group will learn Native American history and embrace the ceremonial journeys traveled by the Southwestern Native Americans.

Medicine Cards - Animals - Just for Today - These cards represent the "Medicine that each animal signifies". Each person will receive a card upon arrival with the meaning of each animal with a description printed on the card.

Discovering the native way of viewing life through the Medicine Wheel. These teachings explore the Seven Cardinal Directions -North, East, South, West, Mother Earth, Father Sky and the Sacred Space within. Learn the subtle meanings of the tribal drums, the heartbeat of the Earth Mother, and how each of us connects with the earth and the sky.

Teachings of the Medicine Wheel: A moving meditation of the Seven Cardinal directions. It is a way of life and also life cycles for the Native American people each direction represents a season and a time during their lives. A smudge stick will be given to each person as part of the Medicine Wheel teaching. 1 - 2 hours

Pipe Ceremony- Learn about the traditions, the teachings of the
Native American people and their ceremonial prayers connected to
the pipe.
1-2 hours

Make your very own Medicine Bag, a hands on experience in learning the traditions on making a medicine bag. Within the bag will contain ceremonial gifts - the Bear facing west with Obsidian stone (apache tear), the Eagle facing east with Amber stone, the Buffalo facing north with Crystal stone, the Coyote

facing south with Rose Quartz stone. Also included are sage for protection and lavender for relaxation. 1 hour

After lessons in Ancient Ways, our guests are invited to join a purification ceremony in the sacred Sweat Lodge. This ritual is challenging, yet has been carefully designed for the novice. It releases toxins in the body, while anxieties of the mind are replaced with quietness of inner peace. The spirit is rejuvenated with the feeling of unlimited freedom. 2- 3 Hours

The Medicine Bag is a pouch that is worn around the neck, waist or put in a special place in your or car. The medicine bundle is to remind us of the support we have from all GOD'S (Great Spirit) creations. Inside we place objects that represent the gifts given us by our Creator and ask they be like a Spiritual Medicine to reflect the teachings of their being-ness. You have only to touch your pouch to remind you of the gifts (GOD) within.




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