November 5, 1992




Isabel Rojo

Rojo Tours and Services, Inc.

228 Old Santa Fe Trail

Santa Fe, NM 87504



Dear Isabel:


Thank you for the terrific job that you and your staff performed for our Software Conference at the Hilton Hotel. The fact that this happened to be my first conference caused me to be a little apprehensive about all the fine details of the tour and banquet. It was a great relief to know that I was working such a

competent tour operator. The tour to Bandelier and the drive to the restaurant were great fun. Your tour guides were extremely appreciated by all our guests. You made everything go so

smoothly that even Jon and I were able to enjoy all the activities.


There were nothing but compliments given to you and your group.

I only hope that my next conference will be as successful.

Thanks again and I hope to see you again soon.





Lin Alston

Litton Industries, Inc.