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Organizational Learning Center
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 June 17, 1994




Isabella Rojo and Rojo Tours comes highly recommended by the Organizational Learning Center here at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In April 1993, Isabella planned a wonderful and spectacular event for us. She planned for us a unique tri-cultural event. We were serenaded by a flamenco band at the cocktail reception, listened to a pueblo Indian tell stories and watched pueblo children dance to the stories, we then danced to a country and western band.


The food was great, it was the first time that most of us sampled Southwestern type foods. Isabella was on hand at all times. She made my life a lot easier and she made my meeting a total success. I highly recommend her and her company.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at M.I.T. at 617-253-1549



Angela Lipinski

Conference Manager